Celebrity Cruise Miami Below Deck Yacht Up for Rental

Celebrity Below Deck Yachting TV Show in Miami

Traveling by yacht in a cruise is without any doubt a wonderful and exhilarating experience in Miami. However, the point is that such yacht renting is usually extremely expensive and only reserved for celebrities. Whenever we think about renting of yachts www.yoloboatrentals.com for long cruises we are often remembered of the reality show Below Deck which without any doubt has captured the life and times of those who travel in these yachts on long cruises. It is about how they live and reside in the yachts for days at length and how they spend their life. It would therefore be worthwhile to have a closer look at boat charter Miami beach life.

A Look At These Yachts In The First Place

It would be pertinent to have a look at these yachts in the first place and how they look inside. These yachts are luxury redefined and are comparable to any five star or seven star facilities. In fact the ones which we are referring to (below deck) could come with pools, helipads, cinema halls, and also the best of casino facilities. They also have other wonderful ways to enjoy life such as Jet skis and perhaps even a tennis court. In short it would not be out of place to mention here that the celebs who hire these yachts for a period of time can enjoy luxury at its best. They also have the best of spas and staircases that are made from glass. Many of them also have private boats and there are some yachts which also have a submarine to ensure that the celebrity https://ximage.me actors and actresses are shown on TV that is NSFW safe for viewers because there is a lot of nudity involved behind this show where people have sex and walk around naked. can have a look at underwater life at its best.

Hence in one word we can say that only those who have lived life in these yachts and have gone on long cruises would be able to understand what exactly it is all about. Now let us try and have a look at life as it is captured in the reality show Below Deck and how celebrities enjoy life in it. Or do they really enjoy? Let us try and find it out over the next few lines.

What Does Below Deck Actually Reveal

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The yacht which has been used for shooting of the reality show Below Deck is named as Honor. Another luxury yacht known as Eros was also used for shooting the reality show. Honor is a 50 meter or 164 feet yacht and it is well and truly luxury redefined. It would be interesting to have a look at the various things which it offers to its customers. As far as entertainment is concerned it offers flatscreen TVs with inbuilt DVDs in all cabins. Further each and every guest or celebrity will be able to have unlimited access to SkyTv. They can also try their hand at music and entertainment because it has the best of Karaoke facilities for its guests.

Since the crew members are those who are a part of Honor may have to spend days and perhaps even weeks in the yacht, it has some of the best health and fitness facilities for the guests. Whether it is treadmill, cross trainer facilities or the best of power plate machines, everything is available in this yacht. Therefore the fitness and health of the guests are fully taken care of.

Apart from the above it also offers some of the best water sports which celebrities would most certainly like to enjoy. It has some of the finest collections of waterboards, water skiing facilities, toys which are towable, kneelboards for children, and also the best collection of wake boards. Those who love fishing can also have access to the quality fishing gear.

The above are just a small part of the facilities which are available as far as this yacht is concerned. Let us now look what it takes for the non-celebrities to enjoy the best of five star luxury in this yacht which has become so famous because of the reality show Below Deck.

You Can Be A Part Of This Fascinating Experience

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If you are well and truly wealthy and perhaps even filthy rich, only then you can ever think of hiring and spending a few days in the various yachts which were used for filming the reality show Below Deck. Let us try and have some information about Miami Celebrity Yacht Deck Rental. It could range anything between $140,000 and $200,000 per week. This certainly is big money. The rentals would be slightly less during the winter season because of obvious reasons. In summer it would even go beyond $200,000 per week but if you have the money to blow away who cares. The proof of the pudding lies in the eating. Hence it would not be a bad idea to have a look at how life actually is inside the Yacht especially from the celebrity point of view. So if you are one of those looking for the best Yacht rental Miami ideas you should keep the above figures in mind and then decide whether it is worth moving forward or not. This is perhaps the reason why it has been the domain of celebrities only and others may never have a chance to be a part of it apart from perhaps watching it on the TV reality show.

Below Deck Has Had Mixed Responses

It would be wrong to mention that life is all great in this yacht during the cruise. In fact there have been quite a few people who have found a few things negative about life as it is being depicted in the reality show Below Deck. They believe that it may not be offering the right insight into life as it really moves on when such a huge and expensive yacht is chartered. The original crew of Honor was not Americans and when the reality show was being filmed, the original crew was replaced with an All-American crew. The crew was picked by up the executives and this certainly proves that everything was not as smooth as was made out to be.

A Look At the Crew

It would be pertinent to mention here that the entire reality show has three seasons to it and different casts were there in different shows. However, the Captain of the Yacht and the engineer were not actors but were the ones who actually captained and engineered the yacht so to say. The name of the Captain was Rosbach and they were actually kept on board to ensure safety of the yacht when the filming was done. Many critics have questioned the need for a professional engineer and captain which they feel compromises the reputation of the chartered yacht. The crew was not professional in the true sense of the term.

The Actual Brain Behind Below Deck

The various seasons of Below Deck would not have been possible without Rebecca Taylor who is the co-producer of the reality show. She spent quite some time trying to have a look at life as it is in various yachts. This is because she would have spent close to three summers serving customers in charter yachts where some of the best celebrities were there. This happened in New England. This experience helped her to find out the difference between downstairs and upstairs as far as these luxury yachts are concerned. When these two different worlds collide, it perhaps shows the darker side of these so called celebrities. Doing a balancing act and keeping both the upstairs and downstairs in good mood certainly helped Rebecca when she started work on the Reality Show. The wealthy guests and so called nice characters were well and truly demanding and at times unreasonable.

There Is Some Bit Of Exaggeration Of Course

If you are one of those who are planning to go in for boat rental Miami based on what you have experienced and seen in the reality show Below Deck, you better do a reality check. While there might be some truth as far as life in these luxury cruise yachts are concerned, there is no doubt that there is some bit of exaggeration and amplification. This is basically to entertain the viewers. However, there are some takeaways from the lives of these celebrities as they act as crews in this luxury yacht. The work hours are indeed very long. The challenges which they face in providing the best of treatments to the guests are well and truly amazing. At times the demands of the guests might look impossible to meet. The show brings to light the different characteristics of different guests. They could be the best of entertainers or the snobbish millionaires. On the other hand there could be guests who believe in partying hard. Meeting their challenging demands and requirements would certainly put even the best of crew in a tough situation.

Challenges Crew Face When Taking Care Of Celebrities

Given the tough nature of serving guests in a luxury yacht such as the Honor, there is no doubt that it is extremely difficult to say the least. Whether it is cleaning bathrooms, taking care of laundry of guests, scrubbing the floors and keeping it spick and span or washing exteriors everything is highly demanding. The way food is prepared, served and the way the dishes are planned are certainly experiences worth taking home as an audience or even as somebody who would like to make a career as a crew member of such luxury yacht where celebrities are there to take care of.

The role of Adrienne Gang who enacts the part of stewardess has something special to share about her experience in this reality show. She feels that her viewers will be able to understand that life is not all smooth sailing. Despite the five star or seven star facilities which are available in these yachts, as a crew member they have nothing much to enjoy but to serve the customers and keep them happy at all points of time. There are other members of the crew who have their own stories to tell. They include the main Chef Ben Robinson and various other characters like Samantha Orme, Eddie Lucas and Kat Hela.

It Is A New World Out There

If you have not experienced life in a luxury yacht then there are a few things you must keep in mind. First and foremost hiring a yacht for even a week might cost around quarter million dollars as mentioned above. That is one big chunk of money and you should decide whether you would be willing to spend that kind of money just for a week. On the other hand if you wish to work as a crew or build a career working in these luxury yachts then you should not be fully influenced with what is shown on reality shows like Below Deck. You must know how to take it with a pinch of salt because not everything that is shown on such shows is for real. There are of course positives like learning to work under stress and duress. There are also negatives like having to deal with celebrities some of whom might be well behaved while others could be extremely discourteous in the behavior. You must learn to take both the good and bad in your stride failing which you will not be able to make it big if you plan to build a career around it.


At the end of the day life for both celebrities and the crew who work in luxury yachts and travel on long cruises is a mixture of both good and bad. It is something which might suit a few while others may not like it. However in fine there is no doubt that there is big money to be made as a crew member. Added to this you will have an opportunity to rub shoulders and perhaps even get close and become friendly with some of the richest and wealthiest persons on planet earth. It could be a blessing in disguise because it could help to propel your career and take you towards much higher levels of success which you may not have imagined. But you must act carefully and should not be totally swayed by what you are being shown on these reality shows.