Celebrity Cruise Miami Below Deck Yacht Up for Rental

Celebrity Below Deck Yachting TV Show in Miami

Traveling by yacht in a cruise is without any doubt a wonderful and exhilarating experience in Miami. However, the point is that such yacht renting is usually extremely expensive and only reserved for celebrities. Whenever we thinking celebrities https://ximage.me about renting of yachts for long cruises in miami we are often remembered of the reality show Below Deck which without any doubt has captured the life and times of those who travel in these yachts on long cruises. It is about how they live and reside in the yachts for days at length and how they spend their life. It would therefore be worthwhile to have a closer look at boat charter Miami beach life.

A Look At These Yachts In The First Place

It would be pertinent to have a look at these yachts in the first place and how they look inside. These yachts are luxury redefined and are comparable to any five star or seven star facilities. In fact the ones which we are referring to (below deck) could come with pools, helipads, cinema halls, and also the best of casino facilities. They also have other wonderful ways to enjoy life such as Jet skis and perhaps even a tennis court. In short it would not be out of place to mention here that the celebs who hire these yachts for a period of time can enjoy luxury at its best. They also have the best of spas and staircases that are made from glass. Many of them also have private boats and there are some yachts which also have a submarine to ensure that the celebrity actors and actresses are shown on TV that is NSFW safe for viewers because there is a lot of nudity involved behind this show where people have sex and walk around naked. can have a look at underwater life at its best.

Hence in one word we can say that only those who have lived life in these yachts and have gone on long cruises would be able to understand what exactly it is all about. Now let us try and have a look at life as it is captured in the reality show Below Deck and how celebrities enjoy life in it. Or do they really enjoy? Let us try and find it out over the next few lines.

What Does Below Deck Actually Reveal

bikini girls mimi on below deck tv show

The yacht which has been used for shooting of the reality show Below Deck is named as Honor. Another luxury yacht known as Eros was also used for shooting the reality show. Honor is a 50 meter or 164 feet yacht and it is well and truly luxury redefined. It would be interesting to have a look at the various things which it offers to its customers. As far as entertainment is concerned it offers flatscreen TVs with inbuilt DVDs in all cabins. Further each and every guest or celebrity will be able to have unlimited access to SkyTv. They can also try their hand at music and entertainment because it has the best of Karaoke facilities for its guests.

Since the crew members are those who are a part of Honor may have to spend days and perhaps even weeks in the yacht, it has some of the best health and fitness facilities for the guests. Whether it is treadmill, cross trainer facilities or the best of power plate machines, everything is available in this yacht. Therefore the fitness and health of the guests are fully taken care of.

Apart from the above it also offers some of the best water sports which celebrities would most certainly like to enjoy. It has some of the finest collections of waterboards, water skiing facilities, toys which are towable with a wave runner tours in Miami kneelboards for children, and also the best collection of wake boards. Those who love fishing can also have access to the quality fishing gear.

The above are just a small part of the facilities which are available as far as this yacht is concerned. Let us now look what it takes for the non-celebrities to enjoy the best of five star luxury in this yacht which has become so famous because of the reality show Below Deck.

You Can Be A Part Of This Fascinating Experience

miami tv show below deck yacht is rentable

If you are well and truly wealthy and perhaps even filthy rich, only then you can ever think of hiring and spending a few days in the various yachts which were used for filming the reality show Below Deck. Let us try and have some information about Miami Celebrity Yacht Deck Rental. It could range anything between $140,000 and $200,000 per week. This certainly is big money. The rentals would be slightly less during the winter season because of obvious reasons. In summer it would even go beyond $200,000 per week but if you have the money to blow away who cares. The proof of the pudding lies in the eating. Hence it would not be a bad idea to have a look at how life actually is inside the Yacht especially from the celebrity point of view. So if you are one of those looking for the best Yacht rental Miami ideas you should keep the above figures in mind and then decide whether it is worth moving forward or not. This is perhaps the reason why it has been the domain of celebrities only and others may never have a chance to be a part of it apart from perhaps watching it on the TV reality show.

Below Deck Has Had Mixed Responses

It would be wrong to mention that life is all great in this yacht during the cruise. In fact there have been quite a few people who have found a few things negative about life as it is being depicted in the reality show Below Deck. They believe that it may not be offering the right insight into life as it really moves on when such a huge and expensive yacht is chartered. The original crew of Honor was not Americans and when the reality show was being filmed, the original crew was replaced with an All-American crew. The crew was picked by up the executives and this certainly proves that everything was not as smooth as was made out to be.

A Look At the Crew

It would be pertinent to mention here that the entire reality show has three seasons to it and different casts were there in different shows. However, the Captain of the Yacht and the engineer were not actors but were the ones who actually captained and engineered the yacht so to say. The name of the Captain was Rosbach and they were actually kept on board to ensure safety of the yacht when the filming was done. Many critics have questioned the need for a professional engineer and captain which they feel compromises the reputation of the chartered yacht. The crew was not professional in the true sense of the term.

The Actual Brain Behind Below Deck

The various seasons of Below Deck would not have been possible without Rebecca Taylor who is the co-producer of the reality show. She spent quite some time trying to have a look at life as it is in various yachts. This is because she would have spent close to three summers serving customers in charter yachts where some of the best celebrities were there. This happened in New England. This experience helped her to find out the difference between downstairs and upstairs as far as these luxury yachts are concerned. When these two different worlds collide, it perhaps shows the darker side of these so called celebrities. Doing a balancing act and keeping both the upstairs and downstairs in good mood certainly helped Rebecca when she started work on the Reality Show. The wealthy guests and so called nice characters were well and truly demanding and at times unreasonable.

There Is Some Bit Of Exaggeration Of Course

If you are one of those who are planning to go in for boat rental Miami based on what you have experienced and seen in the reality show Below Deck, you better do a reality check. While there might be some truth as far as life in these luxury cruise yachts are concerned, there is no doubt that there is some bit of exaggeration and amplification. This is basically to entertain the viewers. However, there are some takeaways from the lives of these celebrities as they act as crews in this luxury yacht. The work hours are indeed very long. The challenges which they face in providing the best of treatments to the guests are well and truly amazing. At times the demands of the guests might look impossible to meet. The show brings to light the different characteristics of different guests. They could be the best of entertainers or the snobbish millionaires. On the other hand there could be guests who believe in partying hard. Meeting their challenging demands and requirements would certainly put even the best of crew in a tough situation.

Challenges Crew Face When Taking Care Of Celebrities

Given the tough nature of serving guests in a luxury yacht such as the Honor, there is no doubt that it is extremely difficult to say the least. Whether it is cleaning bathrooms, taking care of laundry of guests, scrubbing the floors and keeping it spick and span or washing exteriors everything is highly demanding. The way food is prepared, served and the way the dishes are planned are certainly experiences worth taking home as an audience or even as somebody who would like to make a career as a crew member of such luxury yacht where celebrities are there to take care of.

The role of Adrienne Gang who enacts the part of stewardess has something special to share about her experience in this reality show. She feels that her viewers will be able to understand that life is not all smooth sailing. Despite the five star or seven star facilities which are available in these yachts, as a crew member they have nothing much to enjoy but to serve the customers and keep them happy at all points of time. There are other members of the crew who have their own stories to tell. They include the main Chef Ben Robinson and various other characters like Samantha Orme, Eddie Lucas and Kat Hela.

It Is A New World Out There

If you have not experienced life in a luxury yacht then there are a few things you must keep in mind. First and foremost hiring a yacht for even a week might cost around quarter million dollars as mentioned above. That is one big chunk of money and you should decide whether you would be willing to spend that kind of money just for a week. On the other hand if you wish to work as a crew or build a career working in these luxury yachts then you should not be fully influenced with what is shown on reality shows like Below Deck. You must know how to take it with a pinch of salt because not everything that is shown on such shows is for real. There are of course positives like learning to work under stress and duress. There are also negatives like having to deal with celebrities some of whom might be well behaved while others could be extremely discourteous in the behavior. You must learn to take both the good and bad in your stride failing which you will not be able to make it big if you plan to build a career around it.


At the end of the day life for both celebrities and the crew who work in luxury yachts and travel on long cruises is a mixture of both good and bad. It is something which might suit a few while others may not like it. However in fine there is no doubt that there is big money to be made as a crew member. Added to this you will have an opportunity to rub shoulders and perhaps even get close and become friendly with some of the richest and wealthiest persons on planet earth. It could be a blessing in disguise because it could help to propel your career and take you towards much higher levels of success which you may not have imagined. But you must act carefully and should not be totally swayed by what you are being shown on these reality shows.

Christina Grimmie’s Killer was obsessed with her

Christina Grimmie’s killer was obsessed with the voice star

Reports reaching CocoRosieLand indicate that Christina Grimmie’s killer Kevin Loibl (22), was seriously obsessed with her. According to Cory Dennington, a close friend to Loibl, he even went ahead to believe that the singer was his soulmate.

Kevin James Loibl
Kevin James Loibl

Loibl believed he was destined to be with Christina Grimmie

Dennington who has been friends with Loibl for over 15 years told the police that Loibl had been infatuated with the singer over the last year.  According to a police report obtained by the CNN “He said that Loibl would never entertain the idea that his plan would not work, and when Dennington did, he threatened to end their friendship,” “Loibl never elaborated on what he would do if he met Christina, but he referred to her as his ‘soul mate.”

Christina Grimmie Performing
Christina Grimmie Performing

Dennington further explained that Loibl was a self proclaimed atheist and that there reached a time that he claimed that he found salvation in Grimmie. He also insisted that the singer’s faith helped him to view the world in a different way.

Dennington also revealed that Loibl had recent physique changes which included loosing 50 pound of his weight, had hair implants, went for a teeth whitening and had a Lasik eye surgery all in a bid to catch the singer’s attention.

He also told the police that Loibl spent most of his working hours watching videos of the singer and browsing through her social media accounts. According to a police report obtained by the New York Daily News, his colleagues would often mock him for his growing infatuation towards the singer. However, they were not aware that he had purchased a weapon with the intention of killing the star.

Kevin’s father on the other hand said that he does not recall his son spending time watching the talent show. However, he admits that his son was indeed a loner and spent most of his time in front of the computer.


Loibl shot and killed Grimmie at a fan meet and greet after show in Orlando on the 11th of June 2016/ he later on went ahead and killed himself after a short struggle with Grimmie’s bother Marcus Grimmie.

Kourtney Kardashian Will Get Back with Scott Disick Only If..

Kourtney Kardashian still not sure whether she wants to get back with Scott

About a year ago, Kourtney Kardashian kicked baby daddy Scott Disick to the curb after she caught him cheating with an Ex. Then came March this year, the two appeared in a silly Snapchat video and in a second video which showed them sitting next to each other, Kourtney said that they wanted her fans to hear it first that they were getting back together.

In June, source reveled to us that there was no way Kourtney and Scott will be getting back together. In fact, the source went ahead to reveal that Kourtney cares less who Scott hooks up with.

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The split was long coming as the estranged father of three was hooked to alcohol abuse and refusal to grow up. Since their break up, Scott has remained close with Kourtney and appears regularly on Keeping up with the Kardashians . Kourt has remained shy and noncommittal when she was asked whether the two are likely to come back together,

“I don’t know. We’re not getting back together right now, but I don’t know what the future holds in life,” she told Kathie Lee Gifford earlier this year when asked about Scott.

However, another source revealed to us that the chances for the two coming back together are almost to zero.

“They are very, very unlikely to get back together,” a source revealed

“She would never say never, but he needs to completely change his personality.”

“He needs structure, a job and a role to stop him from falling off the wagon,” the source adds.

Kourtney Thinks Scott Needs to Change First

Scott has a job which is serving as a B-plot on KUWTK and also making club appearance

Therefore, Yes, Kourtney might be getting back with Scott but only if he was a different man than what he is today.

Kourtney and Scott
Kourtney and Scott

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Is there a chance that Kourt’s refusal to say “never” has something to do with the whole breakup-makeup tease that keeps audiences interested in the show?

Could they by any chance be playing with our heads like that?


I am not sure whether i should say it is fortunate or unfortunate  that the two are happy co-parenting their kids and not entirely together. This makes us question the chances of these two getting back together anytime soon.



Kendal Jenner & Jordan Clarkson Share an Intimate Kiss

Kendal Jenner spotted locking lips with Jordan Clarkson

Kendal Jenner is not the type to keep her love life out in the public. She will feature in all sorts of news but not her love life. She has always been careful with what goes out. However, lately, she has been spotted around some rumored boyfriend.  This lucky guy is Jordan Clarkson. Her sisters sex tape scandal got silenced quickly how ever Kyle Jenner has amazing topless photo shoots made of her. The couple was spotted out on a date at 10AK in Hollywood on June 17th and from the looks of these sultry photos, the two could not resist a sexy kiss. Jordan Clarkson is a name that has popped up in Kendal’s resume a couple of times in the past.

Kendal Jenner and Jordan Clarkson Passionately kiss

Kendal and Jordan shared an intimate kiss

The two stepped out in West Hollywood at the 10ak night club after Kendal grabbed dinner with her sister Kylie Jenner. The model was wrapped in Jordan’s maroon bomber Jacket as they exited the club.

Kendal and Jordan
Kendal and Jordan

The Keeping up with the Kardashian star, Kendal is believed to have been dating the basketball player since early this year but they are yet to go public. She had however given hints that they were together when she posted pictures of herself wearing a Lakers bomber Jacket which she captioned:” Put me in Coach.”

However, a source told CocoRosieLand that the two are keeping things casual.

“[Kendall and Jordan] aren’t that serious by any means,” claimed the source.

“It’s not a real, traditional relationship. It’s more that they’re in the same group of friends.”

The pair was first spotted together in Late March during a dinner date after one of his home games.

Another source told us, “He is super sweet and Kendall loves that,” he continued, “He is a genuine nice guy and treats her like a person and not like a celebrity. He doesn’t care who her family is and they just have a good time together.”

Another source said “They keep things low-key when they’re in public, but in private they’re very much together and affectionate,”


We have not heard so much rumors about these new couple possibly because they both have a heavy schedule that prelude them from being together frequently. They are also too young to get tied down at the moment that is why they also prefer to take it slow. It is rather unfortunate that Kendal’s sister is yet to learn that.

Did Taylor Swift pull a Joe Jonas on Calvin Harris?

Taylor Swift Dumped Calvin Harris via the phone

Taylor Swift might have been horrified when her former boyfriend Joe Jonas dumped her in a 27 second phone call back in the year 2008. However, it appears she did the same to Calvin Harris eight years after.

Calvin Harris feels betrayed
Calvin Harris feels betrayed

Taylor Swift Dumps Calvin Harris via the phone and told him this

OMG! The Shake it off singer broke with the super DJ via a phone call with only a few words. Taylor who happened to be in Nashville during the phone call was vague with Calvin over the phone and only told him a few words as to why she was breaking up with him. According to her, she needed space and that is all she told Calvin. This was after Calvin’s accident.

That break up was really disturbing considering this is the exact way Joe Jonas, 26 dumped Taylor back in 2008. Joe called Taylor for 27 seconds and during this time he managed to break up with her. That break up method rubbed Taylor the wrong way and she always spoken about it over and over.

Let us assume that Taylor had her own good reason why she needed to break up with Calvin Harris. The Tayvin Flame was dying and she needed space and if that was what was needed to be said then there was no need for them to be face to face.

According to an insider, Calvin thought his relationship with Taylor was doing well until the breakup. He was completely shocked by the breakup and Taylor’s new romance with Tom Hiddleston 35 after seeing those romantic pictures.


Calvin also got very suspicious that Taylor had been cheating on him. This is after that video of Taylor and Tom surfaced. This only solidified his suspicions. Since the two broke up, their feud has grown so real. Calvin unfollowed her on IG, and then he went ahead and deleted their good moment’s pics and any trace of Taylor on his profile. Taylor did the same and the grind got so real.

OMG!! Amber Rose Say WantsWhiz Khalifa’s Sperms?

Amber Rose is on A mission to Procure Wiz Khalifa’s Sperms

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa may have finalized their divorce but she is still on a mission to procure Wiz Khalifa’s sperm. CocoRosieLand finds out that In an interview with People Magazine, Amber Rose got super candid and sincere about her desire to have more children with her ex-husband Wiz Khalifa.

Amber Rose and Whiz Khalifa
Amber Rose and Whiz Khalifa

“Maybe in a couple years, we’ll get back together and have some more babies,” she said, jokingly. “I tell him all the time, ‘Please just give me your sperm. That’s all I want’ and he’s like, ‘No,’ and I’m like, ‘Well, I’m just gonna have to take advantage of you then.’”

Amber Rose wants more babies from Wiz Khalifa

Rose and Khalifa who co-parent their son Sebastian ended their three year marriage in 2013 but still remain close and spend family time together. When their divorce papers came through last month, the two took their party to a strip club to celebrate it. We all know The Amber Rose Show but her nudes are just to revealing NSFW for us to show them. However, Rose insisted that they were not celebrating the end of their marriage but the love for each other.

Wiz Khalifa with son Sebastian Taylor Thomas
Wiz Khalifa with son Sebastian Taylor Thomas

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She tweeted, “Too much fun with my Ex hubby last night & no we didn’t celebrate our divorce we celebrated our love 4 each other cuz that never goes away,”

The two finalized their divorce last week but they have agreed to put their difference aside for the sake of Sebastian (3). “We love our son so much, and Sebastian is the happiest when we’re together,” she continued. “Wiz will always be my best friend, forever — we’re best friends. It’s kind of weird, because it’s like … we’re almost better divorced, you know? It just really worked out for us that way.”

When she was asked how comes she and Khalifa can remain cordially, she responded “We love our son. So much, And Sebastian is the happiest when we’re together.”


Probably a recap of what happened, Rose accused Khalifa of cheating on her while they were still married and such scars hardly get healed or take time to heal. That is why Amber still believes that maybe a after a few years, the might get back together. Amber rose is currently promoting her new talk show, “The Amber Rose” Show which premiered on the 17th of June on VH1.

Calvin Harris breaks his silence on Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston romance

Kelvin Breaks silence on Taylor Swift New Romance

If you thought yesterday was dramatic with Calvin Harris unfollowing Taylor Swift on Instagram, it now appears there is two sides to every story as Taylor herself has decided to delete a good number of photos of the former couple from her profiles.

For those who are not aware, you can check up. The two broke up, he said nice things about their split on twitter, then she paraded her new romance with Hiddleston for the world to see. Calvin was furious, he unfollowed her on Instagram, then deleted their previous break up tweet and then tweeted ‘Oh boy, it’s about to go down’ and then he deleted that too.

Calvin unfollowed Swift
Calvin unfollowed Swift
This was soon deleted
This was soon deleted

When Taylor saw this, she also went ahead and did the same. She deleted all those Tayvin moments that made part of our wonderful happy ever after. This is fine to as Taylor is now able to create space for the next round of Tom Hiddleston pics.

Calvin Harris deleted all Taylor Swift pictures
Calvin Harris deleted all Taylor Swift pictures

When the new couple’s relationship broke out and the world was able to see Taylor at the beach with Tom Hiddleston, the world waited with baited breath to hear what Calvin had to say. Some rumors purported that Calvin was intimidated by her fast move while others suggested that he got bored.

Calvin acted composed over the whole Swift moving on

Calvin Harris has finally broke his silence over his ex latest catch. It is barely two weeks after the two lovebirds decided to go on separate ways and you might think that he would have been pissed. However, what the DJ said in a video when asked about the Swiffleston will certainly surprise you.

Calvin, 32, was filmed while he was going to the gym in Los Angeles on Wednesday by TMZ and asked how he was feeling about the whole Swift Hiddlestone thing.

“Calvin, any comment on Taylor and Tom?” Did she betray you?” photographers asked him.

Considering the fact that he knew that fans from all over the world were waiting for him to react, he handled it with class so he smiled and said, “It’s all good, she’s doing her thing, she’s doing her thing dude.”


It is pretty crazy how Taylor moved on so fast after over a year of dating. In fact we are not sure what really happened considering Taylor was seen checking out Hiddleston weeks ago when they werked it on the dance floor at the Met Gala on May 2nd.

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Kim Kardashian West First GQ Cover

Kim Kardashian strips down for her first GQ cover

If you thought that Kanye West gives a hoot when Kim flaunts her skin to the world then you are way off Kanye’s real world. CocoRosieLand has just found out that Kanye thinks Kim’s latest nude magazine cover for GQ is an absolute “work of art”.

Kim Kardashian GQ Cover is everything

Kim Kardashian broke the internet with her 2014 paper magazine cover and subsequent love magazine shoot. After that, Kim decided to take a maternal leave to give birth to Saint West but now she is back.

Who would you have better be on the cover of GQ’S 10th-anniversary Love, sex and madness issue than Kim Kardashian West? And what did you really expect from a Kim Kardashian cover? Kardashians never cease to amaze us. The other day Kendal was whining that her 1.39M condor is too small for her. Going by her past, her real goal is not just an image that will grace newsstands for a few weeks but she is going for something that will remain on people’s tongues for months. A Kim cover is capable of changing the leading constant in the word “cover” the same way Kim Kardashian.Inc is now capable of putting a stamp and branding on almost all the products there is to be sold with an ineffaceable image. A magazine cover with the image of Kim Kardashian is capable of breaking the internet or at least become the trending topic on all tabloids.

Kanye West is in absolutely admiration of The July Cover of GQ. In fact, he told her that it is her sexiest look so far and that he wants the photo blown up and framed on the wall. He loves the simplicity of the trench coat partially covering her and thinks the crape is a masterpiece, a work of art.

Kim Kardashian West first GQ cover
Kim Kardashian West first GQ cover

In the pic, Kim appears to stare directly into the camera. She has a sparse makeup while the focus remains on her bee stung lips. She is completely naked but not like her previous NSFW pics that broke the internet. She has a trench coat that drapes the key body parts that would otherwise make this issue not to be displayed on newsstands. We have also noticed that she is also wearing a large engagement ring from her husband Kanye West.


The cover line about Kim promises us that we will be able to see Kim as we have never seen her but if the inset photo spread is what to go by, we have already seen Kim as she is in the magazine. What will separate this GQ feature from the rest is the yet to be released interview. Kim gave writer Caity Weaver a unique access and a wide-ranging interview about the special ways she drives Kanye crazy, being on team #iamwithher, what was really in O.J’s Louis Vuitton bag and making her life her business.




Taylor Swift photographed kissing Tom Hiddleston

That was Quick!! Taylor Swift kisses Tom Hiddleston

The “Welcome to New York” singer split from deejay and music producer Calvin Harris 32, just a few weeks ago and she seems to have moved on with actor Tom Hiddleston, 35. On Tuesday June 14th, photographs of the singer getting cozy with the future James Bond, in Rhode Island were released online.

Tom Hiddleston Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris
Tom Hiddleston Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris

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Taylor swift definitely knows how to shake off a break up.

The scoop came courtesy of “ The Sun.” In the series of pictures the two lovebirds are locked in a romantic clinch while walking along holding hands with Taylor seen burying her head in his shoulders in one of the pics.

Taylor Swift Leans her Head on Hiddleston's shoulders
Taylor Swift Leans her Head on Hiddleston’s shoulders

According to a close source, the deejay was not aware of his ex-girlfriend’s burgeoning romance. Another of his friends’ came out and said that the Scottish star is “actually happy and has moved on.” However, showbiz insiders revealed Calvin who has been recovering from a serious car accident is believed to be enraged about how quickly his ex has moved on.

The two loverbirds walk hand in hand along the beach looking for a romantic spot
The two loverbirds walk hand in hand along the beach looking for a romantic spot

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A source exclusively revealed “The timing of this looks very bad for Taylor. There was an obvious connection with Tom at the Met Gala – you can see that in the video of them dancing together.

The Sun published the pictures which came with a pretty clever headline, “ TINKER TAYLOR SNOG A SPY,” this is a play on the miniseries and 2011 film , ‘Tinker Tailor Solder Spy.”

An eye witness told The Sun, “They were all over each other – hugging and kissing – even though there were 20 people coming and going on the beach. They looked like any young couple madly in love without a care in the world.”

Taylor Swift passionately kissing new love
Taylor Swift passionately kissing new love Tom Hiddleston

The shocking pics came just two weeks after the Blank space singer and the longtime boyfriend Calvin Harris ended their relationship. As previously reported on Eye Candy, the DJ- producer ended their more than one year of dating. But according to the news printed on the SUN, Taylor is the one who had ended the 15-month relationship since the DJ could not commit to marriage and kids.

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift having some good time
Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift having some good time

Her people are still insisting that there was no third party that caused the breakup between Taylor and the Deejay but it still feels disrespectful to move on that fast. According to Tom, it was Taylor who approached him at the Met Gala for a dance.


Taylor and Calvin announced their breakup on June 1st, exactly 10 days after Calvin was involved in a car crash in Los Angeles. He was being driven to the airport when a 16 year old girl crushed her car into his leaving him with facial cuts. This was hours before he was due to DJ in Las Vegas.

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Justin the Belieber gets a steak in Nicole Peltz

Was it Love at First sight when Justin Bieber met Nicola Peltz?

CocoRosieLand is exclusively learning that Justin Bieber has been having an eye on the actress since he first met her. Justin who has been making moves at Kendal is seemingly having getting serious with Nicole.

We are beginning to feel like Justin Bieber 22 formed a major crush with the young actress when they first met. It is pretty crazy thinking that Justin can be a Belieber when it comes to love at first sight, don’t you think so?

Justin and Nicola in Toronto
Justin and Nicola in Toronto

A source revealed that Justin Bieber and Nicola Peltz 21 have not been strangers as such. The two met through a mutual friend. Nicola happened to be a close friend to Gigi and she also knew Hailey. Justin met Nicola a couple of times while going out around LA but never got the chance to hook up with her cause the timing was not right for both parties a close source revealed.

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Why did Justin take a long time to approach Nicole?

Most of the times, Justin was with Hailey and Nicola often had company too so both their timings were wrong. It is still not clear whether the notorious lady’s man and the hottie Nicola are an item now but we are learning that Justin is ensuring that they spend as much time together.

Justin and Nicola out on a date
Justin and Nicola out on a date

According to one of the insiders, “Justin and Nicola are really dating and it is really heating up.” Justin flew her to Canada so she could watch his show and also so that they could enjoy a little vacation. Apparently another source exclusively revealed that everyone likes Nicola and think that she is good for Justin. They also believe that Justin is really infatuated with her.

Is Justin Bieber the first Cutie Nicole has laid her hands on?

Now that Justin is about to ditch the single status, do not get overexcited yet since CocoRoriseLand is exclusively learning that Justin Bieber is actually not the first cutie this lucky girl has ever been with. There are a few cuties who have been on Nicole’s case in the past. Here’s the list:

First is Nicole’s ex-boyfriend, The Last Ship Actor Cameron Fuller, 20. You would probably thing that Nicola has a thing for blonde boys. Cameron somehow looks like Bieber. The two dated through 2015 and repeatedly broke up. Just a week before she was spotted with Bieber, The Bates Motel star posted a pic of herself and Cameron together wishing him congrats for graduating from USC. There were stories that Nicole also connected with her transformer co-star Brenton Thwaites in 2014 when they were filming the movie. It was later learn that those were just gossip that ended up fizzling with time.

Brenton Thwaites
Brenton Thwaites
Nicole Peltz and Cameron Fuller
Nicole Peltz and Cameron Fuller


Nicola is currently in Toronto shooting her upcoming movie Our House with Thomas Mann. The movie is based on Matt Osterman’s 2010 sci-fi flick Ghost From The Machine. Meanwhile, the two were also also spotted in Toronto visiting the iconic landmark CN Tower on Sunday June 12th 2016. Guess love is indeed is in the air.


Christina Grimmie’s brother sends Prayers to Orlando Shooting victims

Christina Grimmie’s brother gets emotional at hometown vigil

The memories of the late Christina Grimmie still linger in the minds of many. Friends and families traveled from near and far to remember her during her hometown vigil.

Christina Grimmie and brother Marcus
Christina Grimmie and brother Marcus

Several people shared their memory about The Voice Contestant including the mayor, Randy Brown, who spoke about Grimmie’s love for life, her faith and how her life was suddenly cut short.

Marcus was shaken by the death of his baby sister

But the most shaken by the loss was her brother Marcus Grimmie who became so emotional when speaking to the crowd about his kid sister and the mass shooting in Orlando over the weekend.

Christina Grimmie Performing
The Late Christina Grimmie

Christina’s big brother opened his speech by saying, “She loved this town, she loved this state, she loved singing, she loved the Lord and she loved me and she was my baby sister.”

Marcus wished people to also pray for the Orlando shootings victims and families

He began by telling everyone, “About four miles away from where we were staying, there was a huge tragedy to Orlando, to the LGBT community and to the whole world. I mean, 50 people dead, who knows who is injured. I have no words. All of those people that died and are suffering.”

Christina’s brother thanked everyone for their overwhelming support he and his family has received but he also pointed out that the victims, family and friends of the Orlando shootings also needed everyone’s prayers.

He also added, “Adam Levine paid for Christina’s Funeral. Selena Gomez is singing a song and crying during her concert. These people didn’t have that and we are blessed to. She’s in a better place. Thank you to everyone once again. I wish I could elaborate more, you guys didn’t know her like I did, so thank you. This is awesome.”

Before Marcus took the mic, Mayor Brown told the attendees, “Your heart can be empty because you can’t see her or you can be full because of the love you shared. You can remember only that she’s gone or you can cherish her memory and let it live on. You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back, or you can do what she would want smile and open your eyes smile love and go on.”


Christina Grimmie was shot on Friday night June 10th 2016 in Orlando while she was signing autographs shortly after her Plaza Live concert. The shooter who was positively identified as Kevin James Loibl 27 of St Petersburg was then tackled to the ground by Marcus but ended up shooting himself after a short struggle.